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JJ Parker

Owner, CEO

Hello! I'm the co-founder and CEO of Tightrope Media Systems. Tightrope makes the Carousel Digital Signage Software and Cablecast Community Media products. We started Tightrope in 1997 and I have been applying my unique perspective on work, live and personal expression ever since. I grew up as a nerd (my first computer was an Apple II) and then went to art school (MCAD). I believe that entrepreneurship is an artistic expression and every business should be treated as an art project. When I'm not building companies I'm spending time with my wife and 3 kids on the lake, playing tennis, snowboarding, or hanging off the side of a mountain.

Andy Sorum

Director of Finance
and Administration

I have been officially working for Tightrope since 2008, but have been around the company since it's inception. I spend most of my time running the accounting and human resources teams. I also dabble in production, facilities management, and overall ensure our staff can focus on their roles the best they can. When I am not doing all of that, I spend time with our 3 uniquely amazing children and wonderful wife. I enjoy tackling DIY projects around the house, earned a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and take my son to a new MLB ballpark every year since he's been born.

Eric Henry

President, Carousel Digital Signage

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities, married my high school sweetheart, and been on an amazing adventure for many years now.  I have a passion for a variety of pursuits including photography, snowmobiling, rock climbing, and exploring the National Parks.  I am most passionate about my wife and three kids, which bring me a lot of joy and a few tears.  I have a tendency to tell lots of stories and share lots of pictures about my family and my adventures.  Sometimes I even bust out an old American Express story or two from my time there.

Steve Israelsky

President, Cablecast Community Media

Steve has worked for a several cable operators in local programming, for several cable networks in affiliate relations, ran an access center back in the day, and over the last 11 years has worked with Tightrope Media Systems primarily focused on Cablecast. While working he is most often at a desk or on a plane, and while not working prefers to be outside, on a mountain, riding a wave, or walking a dog.