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  1. There is a Tightrope Media Systems bulletin I can’t turn off Summary Upon watching a zone (or zones) rotate I am seeing a strange bulletin rotating that I cannot find under my Manage Bulletins menu.  It looks like one of the following images:  or  or  Applies to Carousel (all versions) Cause In Carousel... Read More
  2. About Tightrope’s software version numbers Answer Tightrope versions all of it's software releases using the same scheme.  Each version number consists of three parts, followed by a build number.  Let's use Carousel 6.4.5 for the purposes of illustration. The version number "6.4.5... Read More
  3. Carousel Updates - Carousel for BrightSign Versions 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 are Released Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software releases for Carousel Digital Signage Software for BrightSign players. See the full list of fixes for versions 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 listed below. As always, please contact our support team wi... Read More
  4. Carousel 7.0.4 is released The Tightrope Team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Carousel. This release fixed a number of bugs that were hiding in the software waiting to annoy you. See the full list of what was squished in this version in the rel... Read More
  5. How do I create a video wall in Carousel using BrightSign synchronization? Applies to Carousel 7.0+ Answer The process of creating a video wall using Carousel, with BrightSign players, involves 2 parts. Part 1: configuring the BrightSign players to be synchronized together, and Part 2: creating and assigning the channel ... Read More
  6. Carousel 7.0.7 is released The Tightrope team is happy to announce the latest maintenance release for Carousel Digital Signage Software. See the full list of fixes for version 7.0.7 listed below. Please contact our support team with questions. Carousel 7.0.7 Release Notes * Bu... Read More
  7. RSS Feeds in a Crawl will not Validate with error, "The File Exists" Applies to All Carousel versions Symptoms RSS Feeds in Crawl Zones will no longer validate, usually with an error stating "The File Exists" Cause The Temp folder on the Server (under C:\Windows\Temp) has more than 65535 files. Resolution ... Read More