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  1. Which file formats are supported on Cablecast’s SX video servers? Applies to Cablecast SX and Flex Video servers* * SD video servers do not support decoding of HD content mentioned in this article. Answer Cablecast video servers can play back a number of different file formats / video codecs / audio codecs combin... Read More
  2. Video does not display properly on Carousel Applies to Carousel (All versions) BrightSign (All versions) Uploaded video files Symptoms Video file is being skipped in the bulletin rotation Video playback stutters and/or freezes Carousel crashes when video bulletin loads or is playing Cause ... Read More
  3. SX Video Overlay Application never activates because it can not determine which devices it controls Summary The SX Video Overlay Application parses the event list to determine which devices it should control. If the event list file on the server has multiple different entries, the overlay application can not accurately determine when it should acti... Read More
  4. Carousel - Live Video Bulletins - How to take a live stream from and put it in Carousel Preface is not part of Tightrope Media Systems nor is it endorsed or affiliated. This information is dependent on’s public API which can change without notice at any time by them. This was tested and working using ... Read More
  5. How do I create a video wall in Carousel using BrightSign synchronization? Applies to Carousel 7.0+ Answer The process of creating a video wall using Carousel, with BrightSign players, involves 2 parts. Part 1: configuring the BrightSign players to be synchronized together, and Part 2: creating and assigning the channel ... Read More
  6. How to link a specific video file to a show Applies to Cablecast (all versions) Answer Cablecast associates shows and video files based on the file name of the video file.  The naming convention is ShowID-ReelNumber. Renaming your video file in Digital File Management or on the SX Video Se... Read More
  7. Videos are not playing   Symptoms Uploaded videos do not play at all in Carousel Cause Usually when a video can not play in Carousel it is a formatting issue. Carousel does strive to play all videos but sometimes it will either be in the incorrect format, or something i... Read More
  8. How do I enable VLC for Carousel videos? Applies to Carousel versions 6.2.0 to 6.6.x Carousel 7 uses VLC by default Answer In order to configure your Carousel player to use VLC media player to handle uploaded and network streaming video you must first download and install VLC 1.1.9 onto t... Read More
  9. My Live Video Input bulletin is not working (AVermedia PCIe Card) Applies to Carousel model 310, 320, and 330 media appliances with the TV input card option installed Symptoms Live video input bulletin is not displaying Bulletin will display but the quality is poor Cause There could be a few reasons that the vi... Read More
  10. Creating h.264 files that will work with my SX video server Applies to SX series video servers Answer Creating h.264 files can be a tedious process because of the number of variables that can be adjusted.  In this guide, we will discuss the implications of and best settings for some of these variables.  B... Read More
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