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  1. SX Server will not validate any files but playback using SXConfiguration works Summary SX Video Servers running Windows 7 have processes that run in both 32 bit mode and 64 bit mode. Due to an unknown circumstance, (we suspect a windows update) the 32 bit process used for file validation can fail. This can include SXFileValidat... Read More
  2. Which file formats are supported on Cablecast’s SX video servers? Applies to Cablecast SX and Flex Video servers* * SD video servers do not support decoding of HD content mentioned in this article. Answer Cablecast video servers can play back a number of different file formats / video codecs / audio codecs combin... Read More
  3. How do I enable the Diagnostic Web Server on my BrightSign player? Applies to Carousel for BrightSign 1.0.0-1.2.1 Answer You will first need a blank SD card.  If your BrightSign player is currently running Carousel content, it is suitable to use the SD card currently in the player and formatting using quick FAT32... Read More
  4. How are the SDI connectors mapped on my Flex4 server Applies to Cablecast Flex4 servers using the Matrox LE4 SDI capture card.  Answer This card has reconfigurable IOs. Please refer to the schemas below; ... Read More
  5. How To Protect Your Servers From Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities Applies to All Cablecast Servers Answer Make sure your server is fully up to date with Windows updates by following the instructions here: Additional micro code will be req... Read More
  6. Licensing my server Applies to Frontdoor (all versions) Carousel (all versions) Cablecast (all versions) Answer If you have purchased a turn-key server from TRMS, it should come with the licenses you need. If you are configuring your own server with TRMS software, ... Read More
  7. No signal present on SDI Out B of SX2HD server Summary When connecting an SX2HD video server, you see valid video on the SDI Out A cable, but no signal on the SDI Out B cable. Applies to SX2HD Video Server (all versions) Symptoms Valid video on SDI Out A No Signal on SDI Out B Cause The cable... Read More
  8. How do I migrate my database and content to another server?   Answer   *WARNING* ***Migrating databases and content from one server to another is a process for advanced users only and should not be attempted if you do not understand any of the steps laid out below*** PREPARING THE SERVERS:    1) ... Read More
  9. How do I backup my Carousel server?   Answer It is always a good idea to backup your Carousel databases and Media in the event of a hard drive failure. There are two steps to creating a full backup of all of your Carousel information: Step 1) Back up your SQL databases through the Fro... Read More
  10. Mixing 720p and 1080i content on my HD SX Server Applies to SXLEHD Servers SX2HD Servers Answer For Cablecast versions 5.4.x and below, you cannot mix 720p and 1080i content on the same server.  The SX Series servers have the ability to perform on-the-fly up/down conversion, but they cannot perf... Read More
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