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  1. Recommended Routing Switchers for Cablecast Applies to Cablecast (All Versions) Recommended Routing Switchers The following routing switchers have been used successfully by various Cablecast customers and are recommended for use in new deployments: Manufacturer Model Size (inputs x output... Read More
  2. Added IP control of routers using the LeitchRouterCM Applies to Cablecast 5.4.0+ Answer As of Cablecast 5.4.0, it is now possible for the LeitchRouterCM to control routers over an IP or serial connection. To use IP control: Log into Cablecast as admin Navigate to Main Menu : Location Settings : I/O... Read More
  3. Cablecast - CG in Third-Party Environments Applies to CG Series Players and/or CG Server Third Party Broadcast Servers Answer Cablecast Bulletin-board (otherwise known as Carousel) can work in environments where a Cablecast System (SX, Flex, Pro) don't exist. While a CG Bulletin-Board ... Read More
  4. Streaming in HD & Cable Provider in SD Applies to Cablecast 4.4.0+ Answer In most cases with Cablecast, You have a Standard Definition channel with your cable provider, but want to stream on your website in HD. This article is merely a high-level overview of how to achieve this. For a... Read More
  5. Live Stream Audio Can Become Out of Sync or Glitchy Applies to Cablecast >= 6.2.5 Symptoms The below symptoms only apply to Cablecast Live using Blackmagic input cards. Audio on live streams can go out of sync. Audio on live streams can develop high distortion / robotic sound. Issue is resolve... Read More