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  1. Carousel Player showing stale content or not updating Summary Your Carousel player(s) are displaying old content and not updating to show newly scheduled content. Applies to Carousel versions 6.2.1+ Symptoms Display engine content is not refreshing/updating on the player(s) Cause There could be any ... Read More
  2. the same player shows up multiple times in the player dashboard, with the same IP address Applies to Carousel 6.6+ Symptoms A player is represented multiple times in the player dashboard. All instances show it using the same IP address. It was working fine in previous Carousel versions, and started after updating to 6.6+. Solution In ... Read More
  3. Carousel Player For Apple TV Overview The Carousel Player Application for Apple TV brings Carousel Digital Signage to any 4th generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. To get started, install the Carousel Player app from App Store, O... Read More
  4. Choosing a player There are a lot of options for player choices when it comes to Carousel. This KB Article will help you choose the best player to meet your needs. What to look for in a player endpoint Whats your content? The first thing you need to know is what conte... Read More
  5. Carousel Player On Windows Stops Cycling Through Bulletins Applies to Carousel Player For Windows Symptoms Player gets stuck and does not rotate through bulletins. Content does not update Cause Bulletins are incorrectly marked in the database has having attached audio. These bulletins incorrectly try to ... Read More
  6. My Brightsign Player is showing a black screen Applies to Carousel version 6.4.6+ Carousel For Brightsign Symptoms Brightsign player shows a black screen after setup Cause There could be a few causes for this behavior: 1) No player license on the server 2) Screen resolution incompatible with ... Read More
  7. My new Carousel player will not connect to my server Applies to Carousel for Windows  Symptoms Your new Carousel player will not pass the connection check or display content from the server despite having an available player license Cause It could be is a result of the version on your new Carousel... Read More
  8. Missing mp4 MIME type prevents VOD files from loading in On Demand Player Applies to Cablecast 5.2.0+ Symptoms VOD files fail to load in the On Demand Player. On Demand Player appears on the page, but continues loading at 00:00 Cause This issue may be caused by a missing mp4 MIME type in Internet Information Services. ... Read More
  9. Carousel for BrightSign Players 1.1.0 is Released Tightrope Media Systems and BrightSign have been working hard to provide some new and exciting possibilities using BrightSign players powered by Carousel Digital Signage software. Please check out all the latest features in fixes in our BrightSign 1... Read More
  10. How do I interpret the LEDs on the side of a BrightSign player? Applies to BrightSign hardware connected to Carousel 6.4.6+ Answer Please see the information maintained by BrightSign at the following link: Read More
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