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  1. Error message is useless when Cablecast fails to delete a file from within Digital File Management Summary You are unable to delete a digital file off the video server. An error message pops up at the top of the screen stating: "Deleting file failed. Unable to delete <File Path\File Name>. No other information is available. Applies to C... Read More
  2. Digital Files Disappear and Reapear Applies to Cablecast 6.0.1+ Cablecast 5.3.7+ Symptoms Digital files disappear and then reappear after installing an update. Cause Cablecast 5.3.7, 5.4.5, and 6.0.1 all introduced a routine that periodically checks that files discovered on a video... Read More
  3. How to link a specific video file to a show Applies to Cablecast (all versions) Answer Cablecast associates shows and video files based on the file name of the video file.  The naming convention is ShowID-ReelNumber. Renaming your video file in Digital File Management or on the SX Video Se... Read More
  4. File validation reports ’Obtaining info about this file did not proceed in a timely fashion’ Applies to SX Series Video Servers running: Cablecast 5.1.0+ Cablecast 5.2.0+ Cablecast 5.3.0+ Cablecast 5.4.0+ Symptoms Some of your files may fail to validate with an error that says "Obtaining info about this file did not proceed in a timely... Read More
  5. One or more VOD files have a status of Source Incomplete Applies to Cablecast 5.2.0+ Symptoms One or more of your VOD files say Source Incomplete and will not progress Cause There are several reasons why this would be the case. The show has one or more reels without a digital file attached to it One o... Read More
  6. can’t delete files on the content drive, user doesn’t have permission to delete files error Symptoms In Windows Explorer, attempting to delete content files from the content drive fails. It says the user doesn't have permission to delete the file(s).  Attempting to change the file's security attributes fails, again complaining th... Read More
  7. SX Server will not validate any files but playback using SXConfiguration works Summary SX Video Servers running Windows 7 have processes that run in both 32 bit mode and 64 bit mode. Due to an unknown circumstance, (we suspect a windows update) the 32 bit process used for file validation can fail. This can include SXFileValidat... Read More
  8. Cablecast VOD file naming scheme Applies to Cablecast (All Versions) Answer Prior to Cablecast 5.2.0 Prior to version 5.2.0 Cablecast generated Windows Media files (.wmv) as its video on demand content. In these versions, the name of the transcoded wmv files was exactly the same a... Read More
  9. Creating h.264 files that will work with my SX video server Applies to SX series video servers Answer Creating h.264 files can be a tedious process because of the number of variables that can be adjusted.  In this guide, we will discuss the implications of and best settings for some of these variables.  B... Read More
  10. Which file formats are supported on Cablecast’s SX video servers? Applies to Cablecast SX and Flex Video servers* * SD video servers do not support decoding of HD content mentioned in this article. Answer Cablecast video servers can play back a number of different file formats / video codecs / audio codecs combin... Read More
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