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  1. Which file formats are supported on Cablecast’s SX video servers? Applies to Cablecast SX and Flex Video servers* * SD video servers do not support decoding of HD content mentioned in this article. Answer Cablecast video servers can play back a number of different file formats / video codecs / audio codecs combin... Read More
  2. How many simultaneous videos can a BrightSign player display Applies to Carousel 7.0.4+ Answer BrightSign units  vary in the number of video decoders they come with. For example the HD and LS series units only have a single integrated video decoder, while the XD2 comes with 2 video decoders. The Carousel pl... Read More
  3. Cablecast Passthrough Feature Overview What Is Passthrough? Passthrough, available with the release of Cablecast 6.3, allows live video to be routed through a Flex series video server and can be channel branded with bug, bug text, and crawl before being routed to air. This enables channel... Read More
  4. Cablecast RTP Streaming Feature Overview What is RTP Streaming? RTP streaming, available with the release of Cablecast 6.3, allows Flex video servers to use RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) streams as video sources enabling both the output of the RTP stream to air without an additional RT... Read More