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  1. Firewall ports that need to be open for Carousel and/or Cablecast Applies to Cablecast 5.0.0+ Carousel 6.0.0+ Answer The following ports are used by Tightrope software and must be open for correct operation: The 'CablecastDeviceControl' and 'Cablecast' services should be allowed as program e... Read More
  2. How to configure and test my Blackmagic Videohub router with Cablecast Applies to Cablecast 5.0.4+ Answer Cablecast controls Blackmagic Videohub routers using an IP connection. In order to use a Blackmagic Videohub with Cablecast, you will need to perform the following steps: Download and install the Blackmagic Video... Read More
  3. Added IP control of routers using the LeitchRouterCM Applies to Cablecast 5.4.0+ Answer As of Cablecast 5.4.0, it is now possible for the LeitchRouterCM to control routers over an IP or serial connection. To use IP control: Log into Cablecast as admin Navigate to Main Menu : Location Settings : I/O... Read More
  4. Information Tightrope needs to set up Cablecast Reflect Applies to Cablecast 5.3.0 Answer To setup your Cablecast Reflect account, Tightrope needs the public IP address for each Pro, ProVOD, Live330, and SX Live server in your system. These addresses need to be available from the public internet. Access... Read More
  5. Carousel Player showing stale content or not updating Summary Your Carousel player(s) are displaying old content and not updating to show newly scheduled content. Applies to Carousel versions 6.2.1+ Symptoms Display engine content is not refreshing/updating on the player(s) Cause There could be any ... Read More
  6. How do I find my TeamViewer ID? Applies to All TRMS branded hardware shipped since 7/1/2009 Answer You will need to access the Windows desktop of the machine in order to get the TeamViewer number: Look in the system tray (that's the bottom right corner of the Windows deskto... Read More
  7. Cablecast VOD file processing time Applies to Cablecast 5.2.0+ Answer The process of creating a Video On Demand (VOD) file consists of several steps that need to be performed in order.  Here is a rundown of what each step does, and how long it should take: Example File Duration 1... Read More
  8. My new Carousel player will not connect to my server Applies to Carousel for Windows  Symptoms Your new Carousel player will not pass the connection check or display content from the server despite having an available player license Cause It could be is a result of the version on your new Carousel... Read More
  9. Carousel Updates - Version 6.5.1 is Released As a result of your feedback, the Tightrope engineering team is proud to release the latest updates in version 6.5.1 of our Carousel Digital Signage software. Carousel 6.5.1 Release Notes =================================================* Bug 8755: ... Read More
  10. Cablecast 5.3.7 is Released Our Engineering team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast. See the full list of fixes for version 5.3.7 listed below. As always, please contact our support team with questions or to schedule an appointment to u... Read More
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