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  1. How to I find my Cablecast Channel ID’s for use with the Web API Channel ID's can be located by going to MainMenu: System Settings: [Channel Name]   If you look in the address bar in your browser you will see the Channel ID for the currently selected channel.... Read More
  2. How do I change the channel my Carousel is showing? Applies to Carousel  Answer To change the channel that your Carousel player is displaying, simply exit the display engine by tapping escape and repeatedly clicking the mouse. Then from the Windows desktop, launch the Carousel Display Engine and se... Read More
  3. Channel Licenses for Cablecast Servers We have gotten a number of requests for additional Carousel Channel licenses as part of the unlimited free channel licenses now available with Carousel Digital Signage Servers. Cablecast Video and Automation Servers do not come with unlimited free ch... Read More
  4. Channel Showing Black When Switching To Carousel   Symptoms When your channel switches to Carousel and only plays black. Locally you can see the Carousel Display Engine is playing. This usually will happen after a power outage or an unclean system shutdown. Cause Sometimes when there is a power ou... Read More
  5. Carousel for BrightSign Players 1.1.0 is Released Tightrope Media Systems and BrightSign have been working hard to provide some new and exciting possibilities using BrightSign players powered by Carousel Digital Signage software. Please check out all the latest features in fixes in our BrightSign 1... Read More
  6. Carousel for BrightSign 2.0.0 is Released Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software release of Carousel Digital Signage for BrightSign Players. See the full list of changes for version 2.0.0 listed below. Please contact our support team with questions.  Carousel For Brig... Read More
  7. Carousel For BrightSign Feature Overview Applies to Carousel 7.0.4+ Supported Carousel Features: All standard template-based bulletins Uploaded videos (limited to codecs supported by BrightSign) Live Video (HDMI only) Analog and Digital Clocks Weather Bulletins Interactive Bulletins (HTM... Read More
  8. My Brightsign Player is showing a black screen Applies to Carousel version 6.4.6+ Carousel For Brightsign Symptoms Brightsign player shows a black screen after setup Cause There could be a few causes for this behavior: 1) No player license on the server 2) Screen resolution incompatible with ... Read More
  9. How do I setup or configure a Carousel for BrightSign Player in 7.0? Applies to Carousel 7.0 Answer To complete the configuration you will need a Windows computer with an SD card reader/writer connected to it. This will generally not be the Carousel Server itself. Get the Carousel for BrightSign Configuration To... Read More
  10. How do I create a video wall in Carousel using BrightSign synchronization? Applies to Carousel 7.0+ Answer The process of creating a video wall using Carousel, with BrightSign players, involves 2 parts. Part 1: configuring the BrightSign players to be synchronized together, and Part 2: creating and assigning the channel ... Read More
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