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  1. There is a Tightrope Media Systems bulletin I can’t turn off Summary Upon watching a zone (or zones) rotate I am seeing a strange bulletin rotating that I cannot find under my Manage Bulletins menu.  It looks like one of the following images:  or  or  Applies to Carousel (all versions) Cause In Carousel... Read More
  2. Known Issues in Carousel 7.0.0 Applies to Carousel 7.0.0 Known Issues List The following is a list of known issues in Carousel 7.0.0 that we feel might impact customers.  We intend to fix these issues in upcoming software releases. Uploaded photos do not respect embedded EXIF ... Read More
  3. Carousel 7.0.0 is released Tightrope is happy to announce the release of Carousel 7.0.0! This exciting new release features an overhaul of the content creation workflow - making it more straightforward and faster for content creators - significant improvements to system monit... Read More
  4. Cablecast Passthrough Feature Overview What Is Passthrough? Passthrough, available with the release of Cablecast 6.3, allows live video to be routed through a Flex series video server and can be channel branded with bug, bug text, and crawl before being routed to air. This enables channel... Read More