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Cablecast Bulletin-board (otherwise known as Carousel) can work in environments where a Cablecast System (SX, Flex, Pro) don't exist. While a CG Bulletin-Board works its best with a Cablecast server, its possible to set it up without one.

Please keep in mind a Carousel CG Bulletin-Board system was designed originally to work with a Cablecast System. We are unable to support fully a CG system running with a third-party broadcast server.

Cablecast support / training troubleshooting is very limited in a third-party environment. In most cases, you may have to contact your Broadcast vendor for assistance in configuration.

Knowing your hardware and terminology

For a Carousel player to work in a third-party environment, it needs a Carousel Server. This can be achieved by purchasing or owning a Carousel 330 Server, or Carousel 340 Server. A server can also have 1 channel output, as well as serving up to 15 other Bulletin-board players (CG330 Player, or CG340 Player).

Wiring everything together

Its strongly recommended you setup static IP addresses for your CG Systems (as you will be navigating to the IP Address of your CG Server to update the bulletin board content).

The Carousel Bulletin-Board players use a Matrox Convert DVI Plus to get the signal from DVI to SDI. So the output you're working with is a SDI output with embedded audio. For a reference of outputs on a Matrox Convert DVI, see this image.

SDI Installations

System diagrams will vary on a case-by-case basis. This diagram is only to be used as a reference / example. 

In this diagram, We have a station (using a SDI Routing Switcher) that needs three bulletin-boards for its three channels. We have 1 Carousel 340 Server and 2 Carousel 340 players that fetch their content from that server.

The third-party broadcast server is configured to switch a SDI Routing switcher to the Carousel outputs during their programming gaps.

For help configuring your broadcast server to switch to a external output during programming gaps, Contact your Broadcast Vendor. Tightrope / Cablecast support are unable to assist with this step.

IP Based Installations

If you're using a broadcast server that is IP Based and isn't using a SDI Routing switcher, contact your dealer or integrator for alternative solutions. You'll have to translate that SDI output from the Matrox Convert DVI to a network based output. This typically can be done with a encoder that then the IP Based broadcast server can switch to.

Managing your Carousel Bulletin-Board

To update content on your bulletin board, you will now want to login to your Carousel system using the IP Address you setup for your Carousel Server.

Content: Showing Schedule in CG Bulletin-Board

To show your programming schedule (and other information from your third-party server), you'll need to get that data into a RSS Feed format. Once you have a RSS Feed URL (That can be accessed by the Carousel server), You'll need to create a Dynamic bulletin in Carousel:

  1. Through your Carousel management UI, Navigate to the zone you want to embed the feed.
  2. Create New Bulletin, and go to the "Dynamic" bulletin types
  3. Select "RSS" Bulletin
  4. Paste your schedule RSS into the "Feed URL" field

If your RSS feed is accepted by Carousel, you should see below something along the lines of "This feed contains 20 items".

If you do not know the RSS Feed URL you are to use with Carousel, Contact your broadcast server vendor for help on getting a RSS Feed of your playout schedule.

Telvue Systems

If you are using a Telvue system, you can find more information about generating a RSS Feed here ( Your Carousel server will need to be able to reach your server and have port 80 open to obtain the feed from the Hypercaster.

Primary methods to get a RSS / XML output:

Leightronix Systems

If you are using a Leightronix system, you'll have to download the documentation for your server here ( and find the steps needed to generate a RSS Feed specifically for your system.

For a Nexus-HD system, You may have to use a Interactive bulletin in Carousel. To generate the HTML page to embed into your Carousel system. Click the “Program Guide” menu button to display a program guide screen like the the one seen to the right. From the “Channel” drop down menu, click one of the channel outputs to only display the programming lineup for the selected channel or click “All Channels” to display the programming schedule for all WinLGX channel tabs.

Example of this URL will look something like: ""

More information can be found in the Manual on page 363.


You'll want to use the XML Output feature of the Castus system. To get a XML Feed, navigate to "Settings" > "All Outputs" > "Create". Then change the driver to "Castus Video On Demand schedule push driver" (schedule_push).  Then select HTML or XML.  Use the ftp1 url and look at the output.

CASTUS has no documentation available for this feature. Any additional questions will have to be addressed with them directly.

Other Systems

For other broadcast servers, contact your vendor, or find in the UI to export a RSS / XML Feed URL for your schedule. In some cases, you can do a HTML preview of your schedule and show that in Carousel using a "interactive" bulletin type.

"Feed Did Not Validate"

If you attempted to paste in your URL for your schedule feed, and you're getting this error, that could mean a few things.

Warranty Coverage

You can cover your CG Bulletin Board system directly through Cablecast for hardware and software updates. Contact your sales rep with Cablecast regarding warranty options by emailing

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