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This article was written & tested using Carousel 7.


Screenfeed is a subscription based service that provides ready-made content that can be used directly in Carousel. More information about their services can be found on their website. Tightrope Media Systems and Screenfeed are not affiliated in anyway.

While we happily accept using Screenfeed subscriptions in Carousel, we don't offer technical support on their product. Any issues with Screenfeed subscriptions should be addressed with Screenfeed directly.

Supported Delivery Methods

Delivery methods that Carousel supports out of the box:

Methods that currently (as of 7.0) don't work natively with carousel:

Content Types & Carousel

Carousel will work without issue with most of their static image based feeds and some animated feeds. However, Content feeds that include video currently dont work in Carousel.

Examples of usage

The two best methods to use Screenfeed content are Direct URL (using "Interactive" bulletins) and Media RSS (Using "RSS" bulletin). Whenever possible, we recommend using the Media RSS bulletin.

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