Mixing 720p and 1080i content on my HD SX Server

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For Cablecast versions 5.4.x and below, you cannot mix 720p and 1080i content on the same server.  The SX Series servers have the ability to perform on-the-fly up/down conversion, but they cannot perform frame rate conversion.  For this reason, you cannot mix 720p (59.94 frames per second (fps)) with 1080i (29.97 fps).  It is possible to mix NTSC and 1080i content because they share the same frame rate (29.97 fps).

Support for frame rate conversion between 29.97 fps and 59.94 fps will be added in Cablecast 6.0.0 and above. Once you have updated your software to Cablecast 6.0.0, you will be able to play a 720p (59.94 fps) file on a 1080i (29.97 fps) output and vice versa.

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