Carousel Updates - Version 6.5.5 is Released

The Tightrope engineering team is proud to release the latest updates in Carousel Digital Signage software version 6.5.5. See the full list of fixes in the Release Notes below.

Carousel 6.5.5 Release Notes

Bug - 8748: Carousel doesn't provide a useful error when a Web Picture block fails to load
In the event that a Web Picture block fails to load, Carousel will now provide a much more helpful error.

Bug - 9761: 'Hide Cursor' setting in DisplayEngine options doesn't work
The Hide Cursor setting once again works as intended.

Bug - 9069: Video bulletin shows over full screen alerts
Video bulletins will no longer play on top of full alert bulletins.

Bug - 9730: Cablecast shows without titles can derail CableDisplay bulletins
Fixed an issue in CableDisplay that would cause rendering of schedule bulletins to fail if it encountered a Show without a title.

Bug - 8764: Wrap text setting in template editor also controls whether or not the block can be automatically resized
Added a new option to the Template Editor called 'Resize block to fit text'. This makes it possible to use wrapped text in a fixed-size block.

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