Carousel Updates - Version 6.5.2 is Released

The Tightrope engineering team is proud to release the latest updates in version 6.5.2 of our Carousel Digital Signage software.

Carousel 6.5.2 Release Notes

Bug 8843: Crawl Weather bulletin gives error that could not be resolved

Fixed dynamic crawls so that error messages would be cleared when data becomes available again.

Bug 8817: Facebook Changes Require Functionality Modifications to Facebook Bulletins

Keyword searches for posts are no longer supported by Facebook and have been removed from Carousel. Page searches remain and may be sorted by posts made by the page or all posts to the page. User authentication is no longer required for Facebook bulletins.

Bug 8885: RSS Crawl does not work

Fixed dynamic crawl placeholder replacement.

Bug 8963: Facebook posts with more than 25 likes or comments only show a count of 25

Facebook bulletins now show the correct number of “Likes” and “Comments” even if there are more than 25.

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