Black Burst/Genlock
Is a signal that is used to sync/genlock multiple video sources to the same sync and color information.

A single piece of content displayed in a zone. A bulletin can be a picture, a video, or a variety of messages made from templates.

Bulletin BR
Similar to a slide in that this can be one of many that make up a Channel. These slides are made up of individual zones that may contain different types of media or information.

Bumper Graphic
A graphic that appears once a loop. It is a welcome message that lets people know who the zone belongs to; usually a logo. Think of it like a station identification on television or radio.

The final output that is sent to a display, a channel is composed of numerous zones of content.

Channel BR
The visually generated environment in which all of your content is placed. Bulletins and Zones are contained within a Channel.

Connection Checker
A utility built into the Carousel Player Display Engine application that confirms: a valid connection to the content server the number of channels that are to display on this player the amount of data needed to synchronize content with the server the amount of time needed to contact the content server whether or not an intermediary proxy server was used a time comparison between server and player a software version check between the server and player a local cache validity check a graphics driver check on the local player. This utility can be found by executing the Carousel Display Engine application and selecting [Configure] before the display engine loads. Once in the configuration menu, you will need to locate and select the green checkmark in the upper left hand corner.

The outputs of your SX Video Server that plays your content.

Digital file management
A subsection in Cablecast where you are able to manage all of your digital source file assets.

The device/input that records content onto your SX Video Server.

End of Life - Software that is no longer actively maintained.

Event List
The visual list of switches that will take place in your program schedule.

Can be almost any type of visual information. This includes but may not be limited to pictures, streaming or live video feeds, Flash media, RSS and Atom information, pre-defined text, weather feeds, traffic data, as well as interactive media.

The piece of Tightrope Media Systems equipment that is rendering all of the content that is obtained from your Carousel server.

Player Status
The current state of the Carousel Player and its network information. This information includes device name, IP address, its currently-playing channel, which version of Carousel it’s running, and its last communication time with the content server. The Player Status information can be found by selecting the [Configure] button in the upper right hand corner of the Carousel main menu. Once in configure you will need to proceed to Players> Player Status.

The organization of similar shows or series in one convenient group.

Routing Switcher
Also called router or switcher, this is the device that controls the paths of video and audio signal for your system.

Send Autopilot
The process of sending the scheduled list of switch commands for playback automation.

The piece of Tightrope Media Systems equipment in which your carousel content is hosted. This server provides the content to the Carousel players.

The anthropomorphized name given to the Tightrope Media Systems logo.

Video Formats
Cablecast ties shows to playback devices through formats. Any time Cablecast must pick one device over another, there must be a unique format that Cablecast can use to distinguish.

A portion of a channel set aside to display bulletins, videos, or other content. Numerous zones are pieced together to make a channel.

Individual sections within a Bulletin. Zones can be scaled in size and modified to suit several different types of visual media and information. Examples include text, pictures, and videos.