How do I setup or configure a Carousel for BrightSign Player in Carousel 7.1?

Applies to

  • Carousel 7.1


To complete the configuration you will need a Windows computer with an SD card reader/writer connected to it. This will generally not be the Carousel Server itself.
DHCP Option 43 and Known URL are advanced networking concepts that may not apply to your network configuration.
  1. Configure your Carousel Server URL
    1. Navigate to Configure > System > URL Configuration
    2. Enter the IP or host name that players will use to reference your server on the network.
    3. Save
  2. If you do not want to configure your network for Known URL or DHCP Option 43, skip to step 3
    1. Navigate to Configure > Players > Player Setup
    2. Configure your network for either DHCP Option 43 or Known URL using the information on the page.
    3. Plug BrightSign players into your network.
    4. You are done! (do not proceed to steps 3-5)
  3. Download Setup Script For BrightSign Players
    1. Navigate to Configure > Players > Player Setup
    2. Download the setup script for BrightSign players.
  4. Write setup script to SD Card for BrightSign player
  5. Insert SD card into BrightSign player
The BrightSign player will boot-up, download the latest firmware from the Carousel server, reboot, install the latest firmware and reboot again before loading the channel for the first time.

 Once connected, BrightSign players will automatically pull software updates from the Carousel server as it is updated.

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