How do I create a video wall in Carousel using BrightSign synchronization?

Applies to

  • Carousel 7.0+


The process of creating a video wall using Carousel, with BrightSign players, involves 2 parts. Part 1: configuring the BrightSign players to be synchronized together, and Part 2: creating and assigning the channel and zone layouts, in Carousel, to the players.

Part 1: Configure the Players

  1. Perform the majority of the steps found in the Carousel for BrightSign Quick Start Guide. Do not write the configuration to the card yet.
  2. Go to the Synchronization tab.
  3. Check the box to enable Synchronization.
  4. Set the unit to be the Master (typically use the top left player, unless another makes more sense).
  5. Choose a Domain (0-127). This is what will tell the units they are grouped together, so if you have more than 1 video wall they can be controlled independently.
  6. Now write the configuration to the SD card and complete the process from the Quick Start Guide.
  7. Perform Steps 1-6 again, but on Step 4 set all other cards to Slaves with the matching domain.

Part 2: Setup Carousel

  1. For each Player in your video wall create a Zoneat the dimensions of the screen resolution.
    • Carousel > Configure > Zones > Add New Zone.
  2. Again, for each Player in your video wall, create a Channel at the dimensions of the screen resolution.
    • Carousel > Configure > Channels > Add New Channel.
  3. Add the Zones you created to the corresponding Channels, after you create them.
  4. Lastly, you will need to tell each of the Players which Channel to play.
    • Carousel > Configure > Players > Edit > Default Channel.

For more visual information on Part 2, see the Tutorial Videos on our Support page.

Additional Information

You are limited to a maximum of 128 separate video wall installations on the same Carousel Sever (this is a limitation of PTP Multicast timing).

More information about PTP Multicasting requirements here.

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