Resource25 / 25Live Calendars in Carousel 7.0

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There are two ways to show 25 Live events / records in Carousel. Either by using a generated iCal feed, or by using a Atom feed. Both of these feed types will create a real-time feed to Carousel to show updates when they are changed in 25 Live / Resource25.

This KB Articles intentions are to get you started with showing events in Carousel. For more detailed instructions on getting RSS / iCal subscriptions from their software, please view this detailed help document on their website.

We do not support the Resource 25 product directly. If you are having problems generating iCal or RSS feeds within Resource25, you need to contact CollegeNET for assistance.

Showing events (Based off location)

If you want to show all the events based on a location (Example: "North Auditorium", "Student Center", "Room E501").

  1. Navigate to the location details screen of the location you want to fetch all events for.
  2. In the top right, locate the "Actions..." drop down, Expand it and click "Subscribe to Events in this Location".

  3. For this feed type, we recommend using the "iCal Feed". Copy the URL for the iCal feed.
  4. In Carousel, Navigate to the zone you want to embed this data into.
  5. Create a new Dynamic feed, and select either "Ungrouped Events" or "Events Grouped by Time".
  6. Select the "iCal" schedule source and paste the iCal feed. If you get a "Feed Validation error", go back to step 2 and copy ical feed url again.
  7. Limit the event details by selecting your preferred criteria.
  8. Make sure your information is laid out properly in the "Content" section.

Showing single event

If you want to show the real-time status / information of a single event in Carousel based off a "Event Record" in 25Live.

  1. Navigate to the event record in 25 Live and view details.
  2. In the top right, locate the the "More Actions..." drop down, Expand it and click "Subscribe to this Event".

  3. Either decide if you want to use the Atom feed or if you want to use the iCal feed. For this example, We will be using the "Atom Feed".

  4. In Carousel, Select the zone you want to show this data in, and create a new dynamic RSS bulletin.
  5. Under feed URL, paste the Atom feed that you got from 25 Live, select any sorting options if you so desire.
  6. Limit by option doesn't matter as this feed type should only contain one item.
  7. Make sure your information is laid out properly in the "Content" section.

Other Feed Types

This method is not only limited to location /event data. Carousel can show any other RSS / iCal subscriptions from 25 Live / Resource 25 using the same method entailed above.

Publishing Calendars

The above steps in some cases / enviroments require your calendars to be publishes, Read more about how to do that on the 25live help documents here.

Authenticated RSS Subscriptions

If your resource25 / 25live RSS subscription feeds require Authenticated access, that can be easily setup via Carousels External Authentication settings. To setup a External Authentication feed:

  1. Go to the settings menu within Carousel (/Carousel/settings).
  2. Go to "System" settings
  3. Click on "External Authentication" on the left navigation pane.
  4. Click "New"
  5. Select "RSS Feed" type, Give your feed a name that'll be easy to find later.
  6. Put your RSS Feed location in the "Domain" field.
  7. Enter your username and password for the feed

We recommend using a dedicated user account with read-only access if possible to remain the most secure. More about this can be viewed here.

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