Cablecast Updates - Version 6.0.4 is Released

Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast.
See the full list of fixes for version 6.0.4 listed below. As always, please contact our support team with questions.

Cablecast 6.0.4 Release Notes

Bug - 9470: VOD Player gets taller slowly and eventually is taller than the screen
Fixed an issue that would cause the embedded VOD player to constantly resize itself on iOS devices.

Bug - 9591: It is not possible to print reports
Added a Print button to the Reports screen, so the content can easily be printed.

Bug - 9750: It isn't possible to filter searches by LocalID
The LocalID field has been added as an available search filter.

Bug - 9738: Erroneous 'Unrecoverable Drift' error is logged when no input is connected
We now suppress the unrecoverable drift error message that was previously logged to the Windows event viewer.

Bug - 9772: H.264 Files created in Apple Final Cut Pro sometimes show black thumbnail
Fixed an issue that would lead to black thumbnail images being created for some h.264 files created in FCP.

Bug - 9796: Device field does not get set properly for some scheduled records
Resolved an issue that would leave the Device field empty and unusable after selecting 'Record Run.'

Bug - 9839: Cablecast installer will not proceed unless IIS is installed
Fixed an issue that would prevent the Cablecast installer software from installing unless Internet Information Services is also installed on the server.

Bug - 9731: Files remaining in-use even after playback concludes
Fixed an issue that would cause the SXPlayerCM to maintain a lock on files until the start of the next playback.

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