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ZEPLAY Updates - Version 3.1.0 is Released

Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software release for ZEPLAY.

Zeplay 3.1.0 contains many redesigned user interface elements that are easier to use and nicer looking. Also included is support for importing AVC-Intra files for use in sequences, other usability-enhancing settings, and bug fixes.

See the full list of fixes for version 3.1.0 listed below. As always, please contact our support team with questions or to schedule an appointment to upgrade your system.


Zeplay 3.1.0 Release Notes

New - 8381: Add setting that defines default value for Preroll and Postroll of archive operations
Users can now specify the amount of pre and post-roll that should be applied by default.

New - 8942: Redesigned User Interface elements
Redesigned several key elements of the ZEPLAY user interface. New screens are easier to use and nicer looking.

New - 8338: User Preference allows T-bar to be enabled by default
The T-bar can now be set to be enabled automatically when ZEPLAY starts.

New - 8340: ZEPLAY can import AVC-Intra files
AVC-Intra Class 50 and Class 100 files can now be imported for use in Sequences.

New - 8342: Controller actions allow editor to navigate sequences
The Previous and Next buttons now allow Sequences to be navigated in the Editor in the same manner that Plays are navigated in the PlayBar.

New - 8924: Go to Timecode
Users can now jump directly to any instant of the action by holding Shift, pressing Go To Live and then entering the desired Timecode.

New - 8883: Refined labeling of preview windows makes it easier to tell what you are doing
Streamlined the labeling of the output preview windows. Among other improvements, the windows now include a countdown to the end of the current Play or Sequence item depending on mode.

Bug - 9171: Video glitch when speeding up beyond 100%
Resolved an issue that caused a glitch when speeding up beyond 100%

Bug - 9072: Video glitch when going from slow to 0%
Fixed an issue that could cause a visible slow-motion glitch when slowing down in interlaced resolutions.

New - 6772: Support for Importing and Exporting Avid DNxHD files
ZEPLAY can now import Avid DNxHD 145, 220 and 22x files. ZEPLAY can now export Avid DNxHD 145 files.

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