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The developers at Tightrope Media Systems are always working hard at bringing new features to Cablecast, as well as squashing pesky bugs. Therefore from time to time you will need to update the software installed on your system. This guide will show you how. To perform a Cablecast update will need to go through the following steps.

  1. Requesting an Update Key from Tightrope Media Systems Support.
  2. Determine what equipment needs Cablecast, Frontdoor, or Carousel installed.
  3. Download the appropriate installers to each server.
  4. Run the Installers.
  5. Confirm the system is operational.

Request an Update Key

The first thing you'll need to get started is an update key from Tightrope Media Systems. To obtain this send an email to with the following information:

Tightrope Support staff will generate you an update key and email it back to you. With update key in hand, it's time to figure out where to run the Tightrope Media Installers.

Determining What Equipment Needs Updating

Once you have your upgrade key in hand the next step is generating a list of machines that need updating. There are three classes of servers that make up your Cablecast automation system. The type of server and the role it performs will determine which installers need to be run on the server in order to update the software.

Server Classifications

Master Server

The master server can be ether a Pro Server, a ProVOD Server, or a Flex Video Server. The master server runs the web interface that allows you to administer Cablecast and Carousel. There is only ONE master server in an entire Cablecast system, and it is the one that you connect to and Login to Frontdoor. The master server needs Cablecast, Frontdoor, and Carousel (Server Only) installed.

Cablecast Servers - SX/Flex Video Servers, VOD Servers, and Live Streaming Servers

All cablecast servers including SX Video Servers, VOD Servers, and Live Streaming Servers that are NOT the master server fall into this class. There can be many of these servers depending on the size of your system. These servers will need Cablecast installed.

Carousel CGs

All Carousel Players and Carousel SDI units fall into this class of server. Generally a Cablecast system will have one of these servers for each of the bulletin board channels in the system. These servers will need Carousel (Player Only) installed.

Finding All of Your Systems Servers

A list of all the servers in a system can be found using the Cablecast and Carousel interfaces. To find the master server and all the cablecast servers log into Cablecast and navigate to Main Menu -> Settings -> System Settings -> Servers. This screen will list all the servers that need Cablecast installed. One of these systems, usually a ProVOD or Flex Server is the master server and will also need Frontdoor and Carousel (Server Only) installed.


To find all the Carousel CGs log into Carousel and navigate to Main Menu -> Configure -> Players -> Player Status. From here you'll get a list of all the Carousel CG units that are configured for the system. These systems will all need Carousel Player installed.

To review one system, usually a ProVOD or Flex Server will be the master system and need Frontdoor, Cablecast, and Carousel (Server Only) installed. All Cablecast servers will need Cablecast installed and all Carousel CG units will need Carousel (Player Only) installed. A typical system is shown below.

Server Class Install Frontdoor Install Cablecast Install SX Overlay Install Carousel
ProVOD Master X X   X (Server Only)
SX / FLEX Cablecast   X X  
Cablecast Live Cablecast   X    
CG340-SDI Carousel CG        X (Player Only)


Downloading The Installers

When the Tightrope Media Systems Support staff issues an update key for your system, you should receive an email containing a link that will bring you to a page similar to the one shown below.


The links on this screen will allow you to download the appropriate Tightrope Media Systems installers. You can download all the installers to your local workstation and use a usb key or network file sharing to move the installer to the correct machine. Another option is to open the download screen on each additional work station. Once all the installers are downloaded to the correct machines your ready to install the updated software.

Running the Installers

When you are ready to begin the installation first make sure your system's automation is overridden and your channels are displaying a live source.
Running the Installers will stop the automation on your system during the install.

While upgrading your system and automation and video playback will stop. For this reason it is good to Override the automation of your system and switch your channels to a live source such as a satellite feed or a bulletin board.

Once you are ready, double click the installers and follow the on screen prompts. Be sure to start with the Master server and update Frontdoor first. Frontdoor is now contained in the Carousel installer. If there is a new version of Carousel in your update key please run Carousel first on the Master Server to ensure that you have then most current version of Frontdoor 

Begin your installation by installing Frontdoor on the Master server

Frontdoor must be installed before Cablecast in order for Cablecast to install the proper components. If Cablecast is installed first the user interface will not be installed and you will need to re-install Cablecast after installing Frontdoor.

The installers will uninstall the previous versions and install the update Tightrope software. Refer to the above section "Determining What Equipment Needs Updating" to determine which installer should be run on which piece of equipment. 

Running the Carousel Installer

When installing Carousel on the Mater Server the installer is installing Server software only which now includes Frontdoor. 

When installing Carousel on a Carousel CG the installer is installing Player software only. 

Running the Cablecast Installer

When installing Cablecast where multiple video servers share content ALWAYS run the services under the local administrator account. If you are unsure type "Services" in the search box and open the "Service" panel find the "Cablecast" or "Cablecast Device Control" services. If the login name is "./administrator" make sure you choose the "Windows Account" radio button above. Otherwise just use "Local System."

The above screen confirms that you are installing Cablecast on the Master Server

Confirm System is Operational

In order to confirm a successful update navigate to Main Menu -> Settings -> System Settings -> Servers in Cablecast and Main Menu -> Configure -> Players -> Dashboard in Carousel and confirm that all connection checks are OK and all CG units are checking in. Finally go to Main Menu -> Autopilot -> Send Autopilot and do an autopilot send. If the send is successful your system upgrade is complete.

If you run into any trouble during the Cablecast update, please contact for assistance.

Applies to

  • Cablecast 6.0.0+
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