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There is a Tightrope Media Systems bulletin I can’t turn off


Upon watching a zone (or zones) rotate I am seeing a strange bulletin rotating that I cannot find under my Manage Bulletins menu.  It looks like one of the following images:

Old Carousel Bumper Graphic or New Carousel Bumper Graphic or Really Old Carousel Bumper Graphic

Applies to

  • Carousel (all versions)


In Carousel this is referred to as the Bumper Graphic.  It is an image that appears once per rotation, and in new zones is the only content created by default for display.


  1. Login to FrontDoor, navigate to Carousel.
  2. Choose the Zone that has the Bumper Graphic you would like to edit/remove.
  3. From the Main Menu choose Zone Settings (at the bottom).
  4. From the Zone Settings menu, choose the Display Engine tab.
  5. Choose the Bumper Graphic menu option.
  6. From here there are 2 choices:
    Bumper Graphic Menu
    1. Uncheck Show bumper page.
    2. Click on the Upload button to choose a new Bumper Graphic
  7. Repeat for each zone that has a Bumper Graphic.

Additional Information

The Bumper Graphic is on by default for any newly created zone, except for zones created by the Clone tool.

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