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the same player shows up multiple times in the player dashboard, with the same IP address

Applies to

  • Carousel 6.6+


A player is represented multiple times in the player dashboard. All instances show it using the same IP address.

It was working fine in previous Carousel versions, and started after updating to 6.6+.


In Carousel 6.6+, registration information is stored differently than on previous Carousel versions, and each Carousel player must provide a unique machine SID.

In the case of this particular issue, multiple Carousel players share the same machine SID.

Having multiple players with identical machine SIDs used to be non-fatal. It was still a problem, but didn't create noticeable repercussions. It is now a critical requirement.


You can identify each machine's SID by running the PsGetSid tool <> on each system.

Call the command line tool with no argument to obtain the system's SID.

Machine SIDs can be duplicated if the same Windows installation was cloned on multiple systems.
In order for a unique machine SID to be generated the system needs to undergo proper SysPrep.

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