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Locating my hardware license key

Applies to

  • Frontdoor (all versions)
  • Carousel (all versions)
  • Cablecast (all versions)


  1. Log into Frontdoor using the  admin  account
  2. Navigate to Main Menu : Server Setup : Licensing
  3. On that page you will see data that looks like this:  
Your hardware license key is: fcb5b08630c261403c39b82037ef 
Licensed Products: 
  • Cablecast
  • Carousel, 100 Channels
  • 100 Carousel Players
  • 0 Carousel Micro Players
  • Carousel, Screensaver
  • Carousel, Multimedia
  • Carousel, RSS
  • Carousel, RDA
  • Carousel, EDS
  • Cablecast, SXExtraCodecs
  • Carousel, Interactivity

If this is the first time you are licensing the system, you will just see the hardware ID and nothing more. 

If you are requesting additional licenses (as for a system expansion) please copy all information listed.

Additional Information

The hardware license key is a unique number that identifies your server.  It is used to generate a cryptographic license key that unlocks functionality such as the number of players that may connect to a Carousel server.


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