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Licensing my server

Applies to

  • Frontdoor (all versions)
  • Carousel (all versions)
  • Cablecast (all versions)


If you have purchased a turn-key server from TRMS, it should come with the licenses you need. If you are configuring your own server with TRMS software, you will have to have your server setup and all of the software installed for us to start the licensing process. 

In order to obtain a license key, you will need to:

  1. Locate your hardware license key. For detailed instructions on where to find your hardware license key, see How do I find my
  2. Send your hardware license key to

    Please do not send the hardware license key as a screen shot.  Please copy and paste the text.

  3. Once support responds with your new license key, click the set new license key button.
  4. Paste your new license key into the box
  5. Press Save 
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