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Information Needed to Add or Renew Assurance on Your System

Tightrope Media Systems does its best to keep accurate records in our database of software and hardware assurance contracts and coverage for each of our customers. But our ability to keep accurate records is also dependent upon updates from our customers and dealers. For instance, if you decommission some hardware in your system, or if you buy new equipment from a different dealer than your previous purchases. These types of things can cause our records to be somewhat off. If we do make changes to your system it's never a bad idea to send us or your dealer a note to update the system record accordingly. This saves everyone time and gives us clarity when the time comes to get a quote for system assurance renewal, or when you need cash in on the benefits of your hardware and/or software assurance coverage for things like software updates or hardware repairs.

If you make significant updates to your Tightrope system, it would be a good idea to send us (or have your dealer send us) a note stating what hardware, if any, has been decommissioned, as well as listing the new hardware that is being added. This will also help us ensure we do not create duplicate records due to your purchase from a new dealer or from the dealer referring to your organization by a different name that what we have in our records.

When sending in a request for an assurance renewal quote please include: your name, name of the organization, serial numbers for the full list of equipment in your system (see the photo below to help locate your serial numbers), and the length of contract desired. Please also let us know if you'd like software assurance only, hardware assurance only, or both.

Four years is the maximum number you can add to your hardware assurance coverage contract. This affords you five years of hardware coverage including the free year of coverage included with new purchases. When a system reaches the five year mark the hardware is then given end of life status or "EOL". This does not mean you can no longer run this hardware, or that we will not longer try to fix it. What it means is that we can no longer guarantee replacement parts will be available for those models.

When purchasing additional assurance coverage, customers are can get a discount for purchasing multiple years at a time. Those discounts are as follow:

Two year contract - 5% discount

Three year contract - 10% discount

Four year contract - 15% discount


These terms do not apply to ZEPLAY systems.



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