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Important, Please Read: Tightrope Media Systems Hardware & Windows 10

You may have noticed recently that there is a new icon in your Windows system tray that does not look familiar. You may also be seeing prompts to upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system. We ask that you please disregard these prompts and do not install this update.

Tightrope Media Systems software is not currently supported on Windows 10 and the software compatibility is still being tested. Tightrope Media Systems will not be responsible for repairing any and all malfunctions or abnormalities that may result if you proceed with the installation.

April 4th, 2014 Microsoft deployed an update (KB3035583) that includes a prompt to download and/or reserve your free copy of Windows 10. Below you will find the instructions for how to uninstall this update so you do not receive further prompts.

To remove the Windows 10 notification from your Tightrope Media Systems equipment, navigate to Windows Update through Control Panel>Windows Update (alternatively run wuapp.exe) and select Installed Updates in the lower lefthand corner. In order to locate it easily you’ll want to sort the updates by name then search until you find Update for Microsoft Windows KB3035583.


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