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How to manually verify a video file’s encoding properties

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All Cablecast versions.


The Cablecast installation folder contains MediaInfo.exe, a utility used by Cablecast's file validation process when importing new content into Cablecast. This tool may also be used to manually obtain detailed information on video files present on the Cablecast server. 


MediaInfo.exe can be found under "TRMS\Control Modules\_Tools". From a command prompt window, you can call "MediaInfo", where is the fully qualified filename with path. For example:


This will print the result in the same window. You can redirect the output to a text file by adding "> output.txt" to the command arguments:

The resulting information can be used to troubleshoot file compatibility / performance issues.

A version of MediaInfo with a full user interface is also available at . It may be installed on a Cablecast server for additional convenience, and won't affect Cablecast. 

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