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How do I migrate my database and content to another server?





***Migrating databases and content from one server to another is a process for advanced users only and should not be attempted if you do not understand any of the steps laid out below***


1)     Start by ensuring that the versions of Carousel and Front Door on the old server and the new server are the same. Perform a complete backup before getting started. That process is outlined here:

2)     Make sure that SQL management studio is installed on the server to which you are moving the content/databases.

3)     Transfer the .bak files and the media folder over to the new server

4)     Once that is complete, you will want to stop the Carousel , Time Sync , and  Notifications  (in FrontDoor 5.5.1+) services to prevent access conflicts as you restore the databases. Select the Windows start button enter in services.msc to the universal search pane. Stop both the Carousel and TimeSync services. 

5)     Once the services are stopped, return to the start menu and enter iisreset into the universal search pane.


Now that you have the media folder and .bak files on the new server, we can begin restoring the databases.

1)     Launch SQL Management Studio on the server and click 'connect'

You will restore the databases one at a time:

2)     Right Click on the database you wish to restore:

Then select tasks>Restore>Database. Once you are on the 'Restore Database' Screen, select 'From Device' and select '...' to browse to the .bak files

Then Select 'ADD' 

Browse to the location of the .bak file for the Database you are restoring, highlight it and select 'OK'. Select 'OK on the next screen as well.

Now you are back to the 'Restore Database' Screen(Pictured below)

Check the 'Restore' box 

Then you will want to select 'Options' in the upper left:

Under 'Restore Options' there is an option to 'Overwrite Existing Database'

Select the check box to confirm that option.

Select 'OK' at the bottom of the active window to execute the restoration. Upon completion, you will get a message which reads "Restore Completed Successfully" 

Once you have restored Both the Carousel and Front Door databases, go ahead and move the Media folder from the old server to the same location on the new server (Use Copy and replace for all when prompted).

Once that is copied and in place, go ahead and re-boot the new server.


Additional Information

As is stated above, this process is for advanced users only. Our Professional Services department does offer Migration assistance as a service. For more information on procuring this service, please contact


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