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How do I install the Carousel Player Software?

Applies to

  • Carousel 7.0+


It’s possible that you’ve purchased copies of our Carousel Player software to install and run on your own hardware. If so, this article will speak to installing the Carousel Player software.

If you purchased a hardware player (200-series, 300-series, or BrightSign) please consult the Quick Start sheets available at or that accompanied the unit in its box.
For requirements or specifications see:
Unique Security Identifiers

The Carousel Player software uses a unique Security Identifier (SID) to differentiate itself from other Players in the Player Status list. This SID is created when Windows is first installed. If you’re cloning your Players from a single OS installation, beware that these players will all share the same SID, causing the Player Status screen to not operate correctly.

Look for additional information from Microsoft regarding the use of sysprep or newsid.exe to avoid these issues.

  1. Get the Carousel Player Installer.
    1. Login to your Carousel Web User Interface.
    2. From the Carousel Main Menu, find the User Menu in the top-right corner, expand it and click on Configure.
    3. From the Configure Menu, click on Players.
    4. Click on the last menu page, titles Downloads.
    5. Click the download icon next to the Windows Carousel Player Installer.
  2. On, what will be your new Carousel Player, run the Carousel Player.msi.
  3. Configure Windows Power Options
    1. From the Start Menu in Windows look for Edit Power Plan. (This is part of the Power Options control panel.)
    2. Set Turn off display to Never.
    3. Set Put the computer to sleep to Never.
    4. Click Save changes.
    5. From the Power Options control panel, click Personalization from the lower left corner.
    6. Click on Screen Saver.
    7. Set to (None).
    8. Click OK.
  4. Run the Carousel Player software for the first time and configure.
    1. Double-click on the Carousel Player shortcut from the Desktop.
    2. Click on Configure from the Carousel Player splash screen.
    3. Under Carousel Server Settings: Server enter the IP address of your Carousel Server.
    4. Press the Green Checkmark to run a connection test.
      1. If any items fail, see the results box at the bottom of the window for solutions.
    5. After a successful connection test, press OK and return to the configuration window.
    6. Press Save.
    7. On the first startup of the Carousel Player software, it will take some time to download and install some dependencies from the Carousel Server. Should anything fail, close and reopen the Carousel Player software and try again.
  5. The Carousel Player software will begin showing your initial channel from your Carousel Server.
Windows Security Alert

Depending on what version of Windows you are running and the security settings, you may see a Windows Security Alert or other Windows User Account Control prompt.  Simply Allow access for Carousel to connect to all networks.

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