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How do I find my TeamViewer ID?

Applies to

  • All TRMS branded hardware shipped since 7/1/2009


You will need to access the Windows desktop of the machine in order to get the TeamViewer number:

  1. Look in the system tray (that's the bottom right corner of the Windows desktop, near the clock)
  2. You will find a Blue icon for TeamViewer Host


  3. Right-click this icon and click Show TeamViewer 
  4. This screen will give you a nine-digit ID number

Additional Information

TeamViewer is pre-installed on all Tightrope branded hardware at the factory.  TeamViewer uses a nine-digit ID number to identify each computer.  In the event that TRMS support needs to access your machine, they will likely need this ID number in order to initiate the connection.


If the application is not on your system you can download and install it here:


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