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How do I enable VLC for Carousel videos?

Applies to

  • Carousel versions 6.2.0 to 6.6.x
  • Carousel 7 uses VLC by default


In order to configure your Carousel player to use VLC media player to handle uploaded and network streaming video you must first download and install VLC 1.1.9 onto the Carousel player. You can download VLC from:

Once you have VLC installed on the Carousel player, you must modify the Carousel Display engine configuration file:

On the Carousel player, browse to <Installation Directory>\TRMS\CarouselDisplayEngine\

There is a configuration file in that folder called 'Carouseldisplayengine.exe.config' (NOT Carouseldisplayengine.exe.config.latest)

Open it in notepad and find the line which reads:

 <add key="PreferVLC" value="false" />

 Change 'false' to 'true' and save the file.

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