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How do I correct a firmware bug on AVNU players?

Applies to

  • AVNU players NOT running firmware v6.2.152 Pantera


  • AVNU player unable to make connection on Wi-Fi.


MicroSD card data issues when using a Class 10 or Class 6 card.


The firmware update must be applied manually, there are 2 options for accomplishing this:

Option A:

  1. Install Carousel 7.0.9+ onto server.
  2. Access the Carousel Web UI through a Windows computer.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Players > Downloads.
  4. Download and install the Carousel for BrightSign Configuration Tool.
  5. Insert Class 4 SD card into SD card reader.
  6. Open Carousel for BrightSign Configuration Tool.
  7. Point tool to Carousel Server and write the configuration files to a folder on the Desktop.
  8. Open that folder in Windows and copy ONLY the firmware file to the SD card.
  9. Eject the SD card and insert into AVNU player.
  10. Apply power to AVNU player.
  11. Allow firmware to flash.
  12. While firmware is flashing, insert Class 10 SD card into the SD card reader.
  13. Setup the Carousel for BrightSign Configuration Tool with all of the settings you require for normal use.
  14. Write the configuration files directly to the SD card.
  15. Eject SD card.
  16. Once the firmware has been updated on the AVNU player, power down.
  17. Eject the Class 4 SD card and insert the Class 10 SD card.
  18. Power the unit back on.

When BrightSign updates the firmware from the Class 4 card, the firmware file is deleted off the card when its complete. Therefore, each time you flash a system you will need to plug the Class 4 card back into the configuration system and copy the firmware file over to it again. Multiple SD cards would be recommended for timeliness.

 Option B (requires seeing the status lights):

  1. Download this BrightSign firmware file:
  2. DO NOT modify the filename. (The _save.bsfw allows the file to remain after update).
  3. Place onto a Class 4 SD card.
  4. Insert card into the Player.
    1. A firmware update screen will appear (orange bar with old firmware number and serial number).
    2. The player will NOT move from this screen.
  5. When the BUSY status light finishes flashing, remove the SD card.
  6. The AVNU player will reboot after the SD card is removed.
  7. If left without a card, the player will boot to a "Please insert storage device containing presentation or media."
  8. Use the Carousel for BrightSign Configuration Tool (from Carousel 7.0.9+) to write a configuration on a Class 10 SD card.
  9. Insert the Class 10 SD card into the AVNU player, anytime after Step 6.

Additional Information

These steps will only need to be performed once on units that have not come from AVNU with the updated firmware.

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