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How do I adjust how often Dynamic Bulletins are rendered?

Applies to

  • Carousel 6.0.0+


You can adjust the interval at which Carousel renders Dynamic Bulletins by modifying the DynamicUpdateInterval key in the TRMS.Services.Carousel.exe configuration file. Increasing the DynamicUpdateInterval can be useful if the system is performing poorly due to excessive rendering of bulletins. To modify the setting:

  1. Open C:\TRMS\Services\Carousel\TRMS.Services.Carousel.exe.config in notepad.*
  2. Find the DynamicUpdateInterval key.
  3. Change the value from 15 to the new value. The value is the number of minutes between rendering Dynamic Bulletins.


* On older systems the location of this file may be: D:\TRMS\Services\Carousel\TRMS.Services.Carousel.exe.config

In Carousel 7.0.0+ this option is no longer editable in configuration files. Please reach out to support to make this change as the option has been moved to a database table.

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