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Firewall ports that need to be open for Carousel and/or Cablecast

Applies to

  • Cablecast 5.0.0+
  • Carousel 6.0.0+


The following ports are used by Tightrope software and must be open for correct operation:

The 'CablecastDeviceControl' and 'Cablecast' services should be allowed as program exceptions in Windows Firewall.



ICMP v4 (Ping) - Allows the CarouselDisplayEngine connection tester to test connectivity to the server.

80 (www) - Web User Interface

56904 - Cablecast DSK Communication

56770 - Cablecast SXHWControl Communication

56700 - Cablecast Device Control Data

56909 - Cablecast VOD FTP Server



80 (www) - Web User Interface, player content, outgoing Dynamic Carousel Content (Weather, RSS, etc.)

56901 - Player content requests

56907 - Carousel Bulletin Notifications


Carousel For Brightsign or AppleTV

80 (www) - Web User Interface & player content requests via JSON

56907 - Carousel Bulletin Notifications


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