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Error that access to path is denied when updating a bulletin.

Applies to

  • Carousel 6.0+


Editing a bulletin produces the following error:


The application pool managing the Carousel web server does not have permissions to the media directory.


First, determine the application pool being used by the Carousel web server by opening.  Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and expand the web server options until the Carousel web site is visible.  Right click on the Carousel web site and select Manage Application / Advanced settings.  Note the Application Pool being used being used.

Next, navigate to the directory .\TRMS\Web\Carousel.  Right click on the Media folder and select Properties.  Select the Security tab and click on the Edit button for "To change permissions, click Edit".  Under "Groups or user names" select Add..., and in the "Enter the object names to select:" enter IIS APPPOOL\<Carousel App Pool> with <Carousel App Pool> being the name of the application pool as determined above.  Select Check Names, and if you entered the application pool user information correctly, it should show the application pool underlined in the text box.

 Select OK, and then highlight the application pool user in "Groups and User Names", select Allow/Full Control in the Permissions for Authenticated Users section, and then click Apply.





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