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Choosing a player

There are a lot of options for player choices when it comes to Carousel. This KB Article will help you choose the best player to meet your needs.

What to look for in a player endpoint

Whats your content?

The first thing you need to know is what content do you want to display on your Digital Signage:

  • Do you want to playback video or live video?
  • Interactive touch-screen¬†/ kiosk functionality?¬†
  • Embed HTML content?
  • Multiple simultaneous video playback?

What features?

In addition to what content is on your signage, its also important to know what features you need to achieve the content:

  • How are you handling networking requirements? Is ethernet available? Do you need to use wireless?
  • Do you need Monitor Control? RS-232 or HDMI-CEC?
  • Do you want to use power over ethernet (otherwise known as POE)?
  • How are you connecting your displays? HDMI? Display Port? VGA?
  • Do you want a All in one player + display?
  • Do you already have your own hardware to use as signage?

Picking a Player

Once you have decided what content and what features you need in a player endpoint, you can start choosing a player option. Here we will layout a few popular options and the quick overview of what they bring to the table.

This is not a complete list of player options, but more so a simplified list of player options. Contact for additional help choosing a player.

Regarding Brightsign players: Thanks to a software partnership with Brightsign, Carousel is able to be ran on supported models. When purchasing a Brightsign player through us, your warranty and technical support is handled through Tightrope directly. You may purchase units through Brightsign directly, though the unit does need to be configured to work with Carousel.

We are not including the Apple TV as a option yet in this article while its in a pilot stage.

Carousel for Windows

You do have the option of deploying your own player using third-party hardware. This is recommended for more advanced Carousel users.

Please refer to the system requirements for the player software. The carousel player software only supports Windows operating systems at this time.

Carousel 270

Carousel 270 provides unmatched functionality and Digital Signage features. Combined with a Carousel Player License, the Carousel 270 is a powerful digital signage media player. This player runs Windows 10 Enterprise. Small form factor and can easily sit on a shelf or mount behind a display.

  • Server & Player option available (15 max players)
  • Mini-Display Port Output
  • RS-232 Monitor Control
  • Perfect for Interactive projects
  • WiFi Option Available

Carousel 340

Paired with a Carousel Server License, the Carousel 340 becomes a standalone system capable of distributing content to 14 additional players. Runs Windows 10 Enterprise IOT LTSB. This unit is a 1RU Rackmountable Chassis.

  • Server & Player option available (15 max players)
  • Outputs: Dual Link DVI-I, and DisplayPort

Brightsign LS423

The small form-factor, commercial-grade BrightSign LS423 is good for entry level signage. This model is perfect for simple signage applications and large deployments of common content.

  • Good for simple content (Not suggested for video, HTML content, or Video Streaming)
  • Output: HDMI
  • Wireless Option Available

Brightsign HD223

Another good player for entry level signage. With specs slightly better than the LS3 player.

  • Good for simple content (Not suggested for intensive HTML content/rendering, or video streaming)
  • Video playback for simple videos (Performance not guaranteed¬†for high res videos)
  • Output: HDMI
  • Wireless Option Available

Brightsign XD233

Offers a powerful video engine capable of dual decoding two Full HD video simultaneously and HTML playback.

  • Great for HD Video Playback, HTML Content and Video Walls
  • Output: HDMI
  • Wireless Option Available

Brightsign XT243

POE+ (Power Over Ethernet) enabled. Good for performance video playback and video walls.

  • Great for HD Video Playback, HTML Content and Video Walls
  • POE+ Enabled
  • Output: HDMI
  • Wireless Option Available

Brightsign XT1143

Same as the XT243 but includes Live TV playback via the HDMI 2.0 input to play content from any broadcast channel ‚Äď even protected HDCP content. This allows you to embed a Cable Box TV Channel to passthrough and embed into a channel.

  • Great for HD Video Playback, HTML Content and Video Walls
  • HDMI Input Feature (HDCP Compliant)
  • POE+ Enabled
  • Output: HDMI
  • Wireless Option Available

Brightsign HD-OPS Player

Part of the Series 3 product family, the HD-OPS is BrightSign’s first OPS compatible digital signage media player. Uses a HD Player internals.

  • Good for simple content (Not suggested for intensive HTML content/rendering, or video streaming)
  • Video playback for simple videos (Performance not guaranteed¬†for high res videos)
  • Wireless Option Available



Displays With BrightSign Built-In. 10" and 22" models available in both touch and non-touch flavors. Perfect for room signs (Example: Display to show conference room availability)

  • Video playback for simple videos (Performance not guaranteed¬†for high res videos)
  • 10" Model has PoE+
  • Wireless Option Available


Use case Examples

  • I need a affordable entry level player for Simple Signage that wont be playing any video files
    • A great choice for simple / basic signage would be the LS423 or HD223. We do not recommend using these players for any intensive video playback.

  • I want to run minimal¬†cables to my players as possible
    • The XT243 is a great option with its PoE+ feature allowing ethernet to provide a network connection and power to your player. Your network must support PoE before you can take advantage of this feature.

  • I want to embed live TV in my signage and override it with Alerts.
    • The XT1143 is the perfect option with its HDCP Compliant HDMI Input. This allows you to pass live tv through your player.

  • I want to build a video wall without spending too much on features I don't need
    • The XD233 is a great, performance player option that allows you to make amazing video walls.

  • Both Player and Display in one unit.
    • The AVNU All-in-one models are perfect for having a display and player all in one package. They come in 10" and 22" sizes.

  • We want Monitor Control.
    • All the Brightsign models support HDMI CEC.
    • If you want more control over your players, You can use a player with RS-232, Which the Carousel 270 has on-board.

  • Our IT Department doesn't want any Linux based computers on our network
    • If you want a player running Windows, we recommend the Carousel 270 (small form factor) or the Carousel 340 (Rack-mountable) player. These units can also act as a server in addition to being a player.
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