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Carousel - Software - Server - Playing YouTube in Carousel (Unofficial)

Applies to

  • Tested on Carousel 7.0.8 using Carousel for Windows
  • Untested on Carousel for Brightsign & AppleTV


Carousel doesn't support YouTube video playback as a feature. However, it is possible to get a video playing by using the embed code & Carousels interactive bulletin type.

This method comes with no warranty or support!

This is a roundabout way to get YouTube videos playing in Carousel. Things may go wrong or not always work. Its also possible that future Carousel releases may break this function. This workaround is unsupported. Support is unable to help with any cases related to using this method.

All you need to get started is the youtube video ID, which can be found in the URL of the video you want to embed. For example, the video ID for is 0VEeheQ3JNs.

To get that video embedded into Carousel, we need it to be fullscreen, play automatically, and hide the player controls. We do that by using this embed code URL:

You can copy and paste the above URL and replace the videoID with a video of your choosing. Just put that video URL in as a interactive bulletin, set timeout to 0, and set the dwell time to be a couple seconds longer than the video duration.

To breakdown how that URL is working. ?autoplay=1 causes the video to automatically start playing when the video is loaded. &controls=0 hides the player controls. &showinfo=0 hides the video title bar. The last one isn't needed, but &disablekb=1 disables any keyboard shortcut commands from being accidentally pressed.

Theres more you can do like force closed captioning to display, or start the video at a certain timestamp instead of the beginning. A excellent resource to learn more about what you can do can be found here on the YouTube Player API Documentation.

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