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Carousel - Live Video Bulletins - How to take a live stream from and put it in Carousel

Preface is not part of Tightrope Media Systems nor is it endorsed or affiliated. This information is dependent on’s public API which can change without notice at any time by them. This was tested and working using Carousel 7.0.



Carousel requires direct links to streams to use them in live video bulletins.’s URLs to streams include HTML and the player and cannot be used as is in Carousel. However, the site’s API can be used to find the RTSP link or M3U8 playlist.


How to find the direct streaming link

When watching a livestream on the URL will follow this structure:[AccountID]/events/[EventID]

Where [AccountID] and [EventID] are populated with your account and event numbers.

By adding the following API directory and a viewing_info call to the URL to look like the following we can see additional stats of the stream:[AccountID]/events/[EventID]/viewing_info

On this page are two links that can be used in Carousel. Find the "m3u8_url" and "RTSP_url" You’ll want the whole link that follows these entries. Paste one of the links into the live stream URL in the live video bulletin.

The quality of reliability of the stream is dependent on multiple factors outside Carousel’s control.


Additional Info

This article was created to address a special case for a specific customer. Information from the following stackoverflow article:

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