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Carousel 7.3.0 Released

Using EMS as a data source for Event Display bulletins is now possible again. This integration requires the EMS SOAP API (read only).  Set up EMS as an external authorization in the system settings and then choose it as the data source in a Carousel bulletin.  Select the proper filters from the list of available Buildings, Rooms, Event Types and Event Statuses, and optionally choose a Status to highlight.  Upgrading from Carousel 6 should be a smooth transition and all that will be required is to setup the authorization and select it in any Event Display bulletins that use EMS as a data source.

Add repeating bulletin feature to BrightSign players. It functions the same as repeating bulletins on Windows or AppleTV players.

BrightSigns now support the ability to play PAL videos in the correct frame rate. The option to enable PAL videos was added to the advanced settings of the BrightSign players in the dashboard.

The player will stay in PAL if set to PAL and need to be setback to NTSC if it is needed, they do not automatically revert if not specifically changed.

Carousel now supports Transport Layer Security.  Properly configure IIS with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS bindings and communication for the user interface and players will be secure. 

The Carousel API endpoints are now implementing a more strict authentication and authorization policy.



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