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Carousel 7.0.4 is released

The Tightrope Team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Carousel. This release fixed a number of bugs that were hiding in the software waiting to annoy you. See the full list of what was squished in this version in the release notes below. As always, please contact our support team with questions.

Carousel 7.0.4 Release Notes

* Bug CSL-17: Fixed an issue in the installer that would install the Player Dependencies and BrightSign Firmware to an incorrect path. The files are now installed to the correct location.

* Bug CSL-13: Fixed several issues related to the clean up of render logs. Render logs are now cleaned up periodically throughout the day instead of nightly ensuring that the logs don’t use all the available database disk space.

* Bug CSL-18: Users can now set a page’s width and height when creating a web page snapshot. Additionally, the width and height now default to the zone’s width and height. This allows a user to fully control how a snapshot will render in the image block.

* Bug CSL-97: Fixed a check in the Carousel Rendering service that was allowing rendering subprocess to exceed the memory limit. If a subprocess’s memory usage grows too large, it is now restarted by the service.

* Bug CSL-96: Fixed a memory leak when running migrations for templates and bulletins. This happened during the start of the Carousel service. On large systems this could use all the available memory causing slowness and crashes.

* Bug CSL-95: Fixed how Carousel requests Active Directory users to greatly improve the response time when initially loading users.

* Bug CSL-94: Fixed an issue where loading users from Active Directory would cause an API endpoint to fail. This failure prevented the user interface from loading. The users are now loaded correctly allowing the Carousel UI to load.

* Bug CSL-93: Beginning with this version the Carousel RESTful JSON API is officially supported. Visit for API documentation.

* Bug CSL-92: Fixed several issues related to positioning of interactive bulletins on Windows players when using the Chrome browser.

* Bug CSL-91: Fixed an issue where editing a video bulletin would cause the reference to the video file to be lost. This would cause Windows players to not be able to display the video, and BrightSign players to enter a reboot loop.

* Bug CSL-90: Fixed an issue where the arrow keys would adjust the position of a block only when the Size and Position settings were open. The arrow keys can now be used to position a block whenever a block is selected.

* Bug CSL-89: Fixed an issue where editing a zone’s notifications settings would prevent the user from saving the zone because focus could not be taken away from the input.

* Bug CSL-88: Fixed an issue where some videos would loop indefinitely preventing the player from transitioning to the next bulletin. Videos now play only once then transition to the next bulletin.

* Bug CSL-87: System Health check could sometimes fail when the system was under heavy load even though it was operating normally. The timeout had been increased for a database check to minimize false positives.

* Bug CSL-86: We received feedback that the visual styling of bulletin corrupt and error states were confusing because they both use the same icons. Corrupt bulletins now use a skull and crossbones, the error state uses an exclamation point.

* Bug CSL-85: When uploading a seamless background, a user can now select which zones the background is added to.

* Bug CSL-84: Fixed a bug where player would crash when checking the Display subsystem due to a dependency that was not yet installed. The player now installs the missing dependency before it is possible to run the check.

* Bug CSL-83: The Carousel installer and Windows player now include and install the Microsoft .NET 4.5 dependency.

* Bug CSL-82: The Carousel Windows player now requests Administrator privileges when executing dependency installers fixing several installation issues.

* Bug CSL-100: Fixed an issue where copying an uploaded video bulletin would create a broken bulletin because the source video file was not copied along with the bulletin. The video file is now correctly copied when copying the bulletin.

* Bug CSL-28: Fixed an issue where the installer would incorrectly migrate the Media directory location stored in the database to the parent directory of the Media directory. This failed migration would be repeated each time the installer was run, causing corrupt bulletins with each install. The Media directory location is now migrated correctly and is only migrated when first updating to Carousel 7.

* Bug CSL-114: Fixed an issue where uploaded video and image Full Screen Alerts did not trigger alert mode in a Full Screen Alert Zone. Alert mode is now correctly triggered when these bulletins are added to the zone.

* Bug CSL-25: Upgraded BrightSign firmware to 6.2.94 for supported models.



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