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Cablecast Sales team announced the introduction of a new support tier in April 2018 called "Platinum Assurance". Platinum Assurance is an alternative coverage option to standard Software Assurance on a Cablecast system. Platinum Assurance includes:

  • Blanket Software Assurance on all Cablecast devices (Flex, Live, CG Bulletin Boards, VOD)
  • After hours emergency off-air support
  • Overnight loaner equipment & shipment
  • Upgrade assistance for x.x releases
  • Two hours of training per year
Platinum Assurance is an upgrade tier for pre-existing Software Assurance. The original Software Assurance coverage level is still available.

Platinum Assurance does not include hardware warranty. Hardware coverage must be purchased separately.

Platinum Assurance does not change or replace free support during business hours that has been in place for all customers. It only adds additional support on top of the included free support. If you have additional questions about Platinum Assurance, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of loaner equipment is provided?
A: Cablecast Community Media will do its best to provide a loaner that is comparable to your current model.

Q: Once we get the loaner equipment, what next?
A: It will be your responsibility to physically install and integrate the loaner unit. Cablecast support will assist with any data migration and configuration changes related to the loaner. Once the loaner is functional, the failed unit will be sent in for RMA. That process is repeated once the repaired unit is returned.

Q: What if I don't want to purchase the Platinum Assurance?
A: Thats okay, and its entirely optional. Platinum Assurance simply adds after-hours off-air support and loaner equipment. Without Platinum Assurance, you'll still get off-air support during business hours, and if you already have a current standard Software Assurance contract, those terms have not changed.

Q: What happens if my hardware needs servicing while I'm still using a loaner?
A: If your failed system is covered by active Hardware Assurance, it will be serviced as part of the coverage. If your failed system does not have Hardware Assurance, it will still be serviced, but you will be responsible for associated costs. Please contact to check the status of your Hardware Assurance. 

Q: If I don't buy Platinum Assurance, will I still get off-air support?
A: Off-air support is always provided free of charge during normal business hours. Platinum Assurance adds after hours off-air support to the standard free support.

Q: I don't have Platinum Assurance, but I'd like to switch to it. How is that billed?
A: If you have an active standard Software Assurance contract and would like to upgrade to Platinum Assurance, we will pro-rate the difference in cost so you can start receiving Platinum benefits on your current contract cycle. 

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