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Cablecast - BStock Sale (Terms and Conditions)

Applies to

  • Cablecast Systems purchased as B-Stock


In some cases, Cablecast will sell B-Stock hardware (when inventory allows) at a discounted rate, these units are stock thats either returned, previously trade-show stock, or engineering test samples. These units are tested to be fully functional before sale. However, since these units do come with a discount, they do come with some conditions that differ from the sale of brand new hardware.

These conditions ONLY apply to the sale of B-Stock inventory:

  • 1 year of Factory Hardware warranty that cannot be extended
    • In some cases with current gen B-Stock, we may allow the extension of hardware warranty (Ask your Cablecast Sales Rep).
  • 1 year of Factory Software warranty that can be extended
  • SX servers, Live 330s, and CG330s come with Windows 7
  • SX servers, Live 330s, and CG330s will work along side new hardware

Why is Windows 7 a important detail?

Windows 7 will be EOL by Microsoft January 14, 2020 (More information) While your system will continue to function and operate, keep in mind security patches by Microsoft will end. Rumor has it Microsoft will be providing extended support past their EOL date at a cost (Yet to be verified). We do not offer OS Upgrades for Windows 7, nor do we support user OS upgrades.

White Pages on Legacy Hardware

White pages and specs are not available on our main site for Legacy hardware, Please find applicable documentation here:

The Cablecast CG330, Live330, and VOD430 are the same as their next step up counterparts (CG340, Live340, VOD440), the only difference is the upgrade in the operating system to Windows 10.

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