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Cablecast 6.2.0 is released

The Tightrope Team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast. This release adds a number exciting new features to boost your online celebrity status and improve the online viewing experience for your audiences. See the full list of added features in the release notes below. As always, please contact our support team with questions.

Cablecast 6.2.0 Release Notes

* Bug CC-71 | Added Twitter and Facebook Buttons to Cablecast interface
-We’ve made it super simple for station operators to spread the word about shows and live streams. Click the Share button on the show page, VOD management screen, or the live stream management screen, and we’ll give you the direct link to that item. We even let you choose which channel’s public site the link points to.

* Bug CC-69 | Added support for Open Graph and Twitter Card to Public Site
-Public site pages now included Open Graph data, used by Facebook, and Twitter Card data to enhance the experience when public site pages are shared on the respective social networks. Show thumbnails, titles, and comments will now be first class when shared on these and other services that use the same data.

* Bug CC-68 | Improved ability of search engines to index Public Site
-Now all the bots crawling the web can see your content in its full glory. We changed the way the public site delivers data, so search engine crawlers such as Google have better access to the data delivered by the public site.

* Bug CC-105 | Link to other Channels on Public Site
-Have more than one channel? Want visitors to your Public Site to know that? No problem! The Public Site now contains links to your other channels complete with a channel logo that you can upload on the Public Site settings page. A channel can also be excluded from the list in case you want to keep it super secret.

* Bug CC-103 | Public Site slideshow automatically transitions
-Visitors to the Public Site labor no more! Never again will viewers have to click an arrow to see the next item in the slide show. We’ve done all the work for them. Now they can sit back, relax, and the next item will scroll into view automatically.

* Bug CC-106 | Public Site displays date of show’s first run
-The Public Site now displays to the world when your award winning program first premiered. Show details on the Public Site now display when a show first aired.

* Bug CC-104 | Public Sites can have multiple galleries
-One gallery on your Public Site home page not enough? Worry no more! Now you can add as many as you want. Each gallery can be configured to display a number of items on the home page. A ’Show All’ link allows visitors to see everything. This is handy for creating sharable links so viewers can find exactly what they are after.

* Bug CC-107 | Video On Demand and Live Stream metrics
-Wondering if anyone is out there? Now you’ll know. We now track how many unique viewers have watched a Video On Demand show and how many viewers are currently watching a channel’s live stream.

* Bug CC-70 | Added Twitter and Facebook buttons to Public Site
-We’ve made it easy for your visitors to share the great content they came to your site to watch with all of their friends. The Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet buttons make it simple for your viewers to share your content. 

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