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Cablecast 6.0.6 is Released

The Tightrope Team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast. See the full list of fixes for version 6.0.6 listed below. As always, please contact our support team about updating your system.

Cablecast 6.0.6 Release Notes

Bug - 9899: Autopilot Fails with Unhanded Exception When Two Runs Are Locked at the Same Time
Autopilot no longer allows violating the space time continuum. Autopilot will now detect when there are two locked runs at the same time and will fail the send with an error indicating the channel and time of the scheduling conflict.

Bug - 9362: Results of Export Data Cannot be Downloaded
Fixed an issue where submitting Export Data would incorrectly redirect the user to the menu screen instead of the completion page where the report could be downloaded. The user is now redirected correctly, allowing the report to be downloaded.

Bug - 9515: Change the Default Option for Date Search Filters
Show search date filters now default to dates after the supplied search value instead of dates on the supplied search value. We hope this provides a more usable result set for the average user.

Bug - 9966: Accounts with Modify Crawl Permissions Can Not Modify Crawls
Fixed an issue where the user interface was using the incorrect access right to determine if a user could modify crawls.

Bug - 9901: Schedules With Large Amounts Of Future Runs Can Cause Autopilot Sends To Timeout
Fixed a performance issue during Autopilot sends where large amounts of future runs would cause a database timeout when updating the status of the runs. Autopilot now only updates the runs with a status affected by the autopilot send.

Bug - 9407: Refreshing Browser In Schedule Can Cause Error
Fixed an issue where refreshing the web browser on certain screens in the schedule could cause the page to error, forcing the user to return to the main menu.

Bug - 9957: Autopilot Messages Can Load In Wrong Tab
Fixed an issue where clicking on some Autopilot messages would open the link inside the application instead of a new tab.

Bug - 9715: Digital File Management Does Not Load With Correct Filters
The Digital File Management screen now defaults to valid files.

Bug - 9518: Schedule Can Display No Runs
Fixed an issue where loading the schedule could fail to load the channel data before loading the schedule data, resulting in an empty schedule.

Bug - 9520: Changing Channel I/O While Channel Is In Override Can Break User Interface
Fixed an issue where changing channel I/O configuration while the channel is in override would cause the UI to fail loading channels. This situation is now detected allowing the UI to load correctly.

Bug - 9938: Record Events That End At Midnight Incorrectly Appear On Schedule The Following Day
Record events that end at midnight are now correctly excluded from the schedule of the following day.

Bug - 9774: Installer Shows Incorrect Title When Downloading Dependencies
The installer now correctly displays what dependency is being downloaded.

New - 9961: File Validation Fails To Detect Files With Invalid Frame Rates
Cablecast 6.0 introduced a regression in which files with invalid frame rates were not properly detected. These files are not supported and may have playback issues. Cablecast will now mark the files as unsupported and issue a warning when sending autopilot. These files should be replaced with compatible versions as soon as possible, as the ability to play these files will be removed in a future version of Cablecast.

Bug - 9687: Live Streaming and Video On Demand Configuration Are Shown Even If System Is Not Licensed
The user interface now only shows the Live Streaming and Video On Demand configuration menu items if the system is licensed for the feature.

Bug - 9906: Changing Locations While Viewing The Record Schedule Does Not Refresh The Schedule
When changing locations the record schedule now updates to reflect the schedule of the selected location.

Bug - 9898: Autopilot Sometimes Incorrectly Fails Send Because Devices Are Not Available
Fixed an issue where Autopilot would fail to pick a device because the previous run had not been shortened due to a locked run. This would cause the device to still be reserved even though the device should be available due to the locked run.

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