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Cablecast 6.0.2 is Released

Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast. See the full list of fixes for version 6.0.2 listed below. As always, please contact our support team with questions or to schedule an appointment to update your system.


Cablecast 6.0.2 Release Notes


Bug - 9437: Some Cablecast Public site customization settings don't apply until the Cablecast service is restarted

Fixed an issue that made it necessary to restart the Cablecast service in order for some customizations to apply.

Bug - 9426: Schedule doesn't properly handle the interstitial length setting for CG Exempt runs

Fixed the logic that calculates the length of CG Exempt runs.

Bug - 9525: Shows in schedule side pane stay selected even when they are no longer visible

Shows are now automatically deselected, if they are no longer a part of the search results.

Bug - 9471: Schedule incorrectly interprets "12:xx:xx" times as "0:xx:xx" times when using 24-hour time

24-hour time now handles times near noon correctly.

Bug - 9460: User names that contain a '.' character prevent Cablecast UI from loading

Resolved an issue that would prevent users whose user name contained a '.' character from logging into Cablecast.

Bug - 9526: DVD Title and Chapter fields are missing from Show record

The DVD Title and Chapter fields are once again available in the Show record.

Bug - 9428: New or modified Formats do not appear in Show record until the browser is refreshed 

Changes to the list of Formats will now show up immediately in the Show record screen.

Bug - 9484: Record Schedule doesn't filter devices by Location

The Record Schedule now only shows devices that are available at the current location.

Bug - 9429: Copy and paste doesn't work correctly with Manual Events

Copy and paste now works as intended for Manual Events

Bug - 9397: Main Menu's channel summary boxes do not scale properly in IE11 and Firefox

Resolved an issue that caused the channel summary sections to be improperly sized in certain web browsers.

Bug - 9485: Attempting to 'paste to' 12:00:00 (noon)  incorrectly places runs at 0:00:00 (midnight)

Fixed an issue that lead to strange behavior when trying to paste shows at 12:00:00 when using 24-hour time.

Bug - 9441: Shows that carry over to the next day should be 'read only' on the day that they end

Shows that span between days are now only editable on the date on which they start.

Bug - 9398: 'Watch Now' triangle still appears for Shows after the 'VOD Enabled' box has been cleared in the Show record

The green 'Watch Now' triangle no longer appears once VOD is disabled for a particular show.

Bug - 9542: Title Contains search behaves differently in Cablecast 6 than in previous versions

The Title Contains search now works exactly as it did in previous versions of Cablecast.

Bug - 9519: Show creation and disposition dates are copied when a show is duplicated

The creation date now defaults to today while the disposition date defaults to 'not set'.

Bug - 9508: Web and print schedule plugins, Public Site and reporting include previously deleted runs

These schedule displays no longer include runs that have been deleted.

Bug - 9411: Some run counts in Cablecast UI include runs that have been deleted

Fixed an issue that caused previously deleted schedule runs to be included in the total run counts for shows, leading to confusing discrepancies between screens.

Bug - 9455: Schedule's keyboard shortcuts help screen doesn't list "a" for select all

Added "a" to the list of available shortcuts that is displayed in the Schedule's keyboard shortcuts help screen.

Bug - 9521: 'Pre-assign DVD slot' field is missing in Cablecast UI

The 'Slot' field is now being displayed as intended.  Note that this issue only prevented the field from being displayed in the user interface.  The data that had been entered in previous versions of Cablecast remains intact.

Bug - 9532: VODs API endpoint includes VOD records whose shows have been cleared in the user interface

The Cablecast API now excludes VOD records if the related show has been cleared.

Bug - 9533: Media Creation Date search filter is incorrectly named "Disposition Creation"

Updated the label for the Media Creation Date filter to properly represent what it actually does.

Bug - 9490: The error message that is generated when Cablecast encounters an API error isn't very helpful

Substantially improved the error message that is presented in the event that an API request fails.

Bug - 9524: Field inversion artifacts are present in 1080i output signal

Resolved a serious issue that would lead to substantially reduced quality when outputting 1080i video.  This same issue also caused poor quality video when up or down converting between resolutions.

Bug - 9436: About screen not formatting properly in IE11

Resolved an issue that caused poor formatting of the About screen in Internet Explorer 11.

Bug - 9502: 'Paste To' keyboard shortcut also changes current date to today

Pressing 't' to activate the "Paste To" function no longer changes the current date of the schedule.

Bug - 9469: API provides incorrect URLs for thumbnails when using a non-standard port

The thumbnail URL no longer assumes that the external address uses port 80.

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