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Cablecast 5.3.8 is Released

Our engineering team is happy to announce the latest software maintenance release for Cablecast. See the full list of fixes for version 5.3.8 listed below. As always, please contact our support team with questions or to schedule an appointment to update your system.


Cablecast 5.3.8 Release Notes


Bug - 8810: Cablecast Web Service AdvancedShowSearch incorrectly filters event dates by time

Fixed an issue where the Cablecast Web Service's AdvancedShowSearch method would incorrectly filter event dates by time of day.

Bug - 9052: Improve Autopilot error message when a device isn't available for a scheduled record

The error message is now much easier to understand.

Bug - 9547: Digital File Management doesn't sort processing files

The Digital File Management function now sorts the list of processing files based on their ShowID from highest to lowest.  This should allow newer files to be processed before older files.

Bug - 9262: ChyTV DSK fails to work if reverse DNS is incorrectly configured

Resolved an issue that would prevent the ChyTV DSK application from functioning when reverse DNS is incorrectly configured, and the server's address is specified as an IP address.

Bug - 8932: SXConfiguration application shows 'stopped' status when in Test mode

The SXConfiguration application now shows 'bars and tone' in the status field while Test mode is active.

Bug - 9494: Fill Gaps batch function doesn't use Start Date and Start Time as you might expect

The Fill Gaps batch function now starts filling gaps at the user-specified start date and time, and continues until the user-specified end date and time.  Previously, it would only fill gaps that occurred after the start time on each and every day.

Bug - 9548: Audio Sync Issues on Older iOS devices viewing live stream

Adjusted an audio encoding parameter to eliminate audio sync issues with older iOS devices.

Bug - 8933: It's hard to infer the relationship between the 'Test' and 'Play' modes of the SXConfiguration application

The SXConfiguration application no longer allows a user to simultaneously use 'Test' and 'Play' mode of a given output channel.  You must now stop playback in order to use the 'Test' function.

Bug - 9561: Files named with invalid characters sit in the processing tab in DFM indefinitely 

Resolved an issue that caused files that contained invalid characters in the file name from leaving the 'Processing' state in Digital File Management.

Bug - 9089: Digital File Management reports "everything is wrong" if it fails to get information about a file

Digital File Management will now log a helpful error message if it completely fails to process a file.  In previous versions, it would log that every aspect of the file was wrong.

Bug - 9409: VOD player fails to enter full screen mode in Safari

Resolved an issue that was preventing full screen mode from working correctly in Safari.

Bug - 9465: VOD processing sometimes fails due to an error while transferring files

Fixed an issue that could lead to VOD repeatedly failing to transfer files from the video server.

Bug - 9026: Scheduled Encodes do not always stop as expected

Resolved an issue that would prevent scheduled encodes from stopping as expected when the user fails to provide a file name.

Bug - 9224: Automatic database backups are never deleted from local storage

The local copies of automatic database backups are now periodically deleted.  This will prevent them from eventually filling the drive.

Bug - 9488: Transcoded VOD files don't respect override aspect ratio

VOD transcoding now uses the user-defined override aspect ratio setting.

Bug - 9280: Files disappear and reappear if the user uses incorrect slashes in their PortSetting field

Use of "incorrect" slashes ('/') in PortSetting paths will no longer cause files to repeatedly disappear and reappear in Digital File Management.

Bug - 9479: 'Preparing Source Files' VOD transcoding step should prefer content on local drives

VOD will now favor files that are located on a particular server's local drive.  This prevents an issue that could occur when the same file is also available over a network share from a second server.

Bug - 9480: VOD 'Transcode' step can get stuck forever

The transcode operation will now be cancelled if the transcoder application fails to report status for over two minutes.  This prevents specific files from derailing VOD transcoding.

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