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Carousel For BrightSign Feature Overview

Applies to

  • Carousel 7.0.4+

Supported Carousel Features:

  • All standard template-based bulletins
  • Uploaded videos (limited to codecs supported by BrightSign)
  • Live Video (HDMI only)
  • Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Weather Bulletins
  • Interactive Bulletins (HTML5 limited to Webkit)
  • Zone Alerts
  • Full Screen Alerts
  • Crawl (crawl speed cannot be adjusted)
  • Player Status Monitoring
  • h.264 Streaming Video
  • Player Synchronization
  • Proxy Server Support
  • Portrait Mode Display
  • Automated Player Recovery
  • Automated Firmware and Script Updates
  • Monitor Control On/Off via RS-232 & CEC Over HDMI
  • Interactive Bulletins
  • Scheduled Player Channel Changes (excludes Video Walls)

Unsupported Carousel Features

  • ATSC/QAM Live Video
  • Selectable Bulletin Transitions (Uses default fade transition for all bulletins)
  • 2 Line Date/Time Display on Clock Bulletins
  • Countdown Clock
  • Background Audio
  • Active Repeating Bulletins
  • Scheduled Player Channel Changes for Video Walls
  • Full Screen Alerts of Interactive Bulletins

Supported Hardware

Unless otherwise noted support has been present since 7.0.0

  • BrightSign XD230
  • BrightSign XD1030
  • BrightSign XD1230
  • BrightSign XD232
  • BrightSign XD1032
  • BrightSign XD1132
  • BrightSign XD233
  • BrightSign XD1033
  • BrightSign XT243
  • BrightSign XT1143 
  • BrightSign HD223 (added in 7.0.4)
  • BrightSign HD1023 (added in 7.0.4)
  • BrightSign LS423 (added in 7.0.5)
  • BrightSign HO523 (added in 7.0.5)
  • BrightSign AIO (Integrated Brightsign Display) (Added in 7.0.5)

Supported Media Formats

  • Video Codecs:  MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, WMV - *no audio with WMV
  • Video Containers:  MPEG-2 transport and program streams, AVCHD/BDAV, ASF, MP4, MOV
  • Images:  BMP, JPEG, PNG
  • Audio:  MP3
  • Other:  HTML5

Supported Display Resolutions


640x480x60p 1280x800x60p 1920x1080x59.94i NTSC-M-JPN
720x480x59.94p 1280x800x75p 1920x1080x60i PAL-I
720x480x60p 1280x960x60p 1920x1080x24p PAL-BG
720x576x50p 1280x1024x60p 1920x1080x25p PAL-N
800x600x60p 1280x1024x75p 1920x1080x29.97p PAL-NC
800x600x75p 1360x768x60p 1920x1080x30p PAL-M 
1024x768x60p 1400x1050x60p 1920x1080x50p  
1024x768x75p 1400x1050x75p 1920x1080x59.94p  
1280x720x50p 1440x900x60p 1920x1080x60p  
1280x720x59.94p 1440x900x75p NTSC-COMPONENT  
1280x720x60p 1600x1200x60p PAL-COMPONENT  
1280x768x60p 1920x1080x50i NTSC-M  


640x480x60p 1280x768x60p  1280x1024x75p  1440x900x75p 
800x600x75p 1280x800x60p 1360x768x60p 1600x1200x60p
800x600x60p 1280x800x75p 1400x1050x60p  
1024x768x60p  1280x960x60p 1400x1050x75p  
1024x768x75p  1280x1024x60p 1440x900x60p   


720x480x59.94p 1280x1024x75p 1920x1080x30p NTSC-M-JPN
720x480x60p 1920x1080x50i 1920x1080x50p PAL-I 
720x576x50p 1920x1080x59.94i 1920x1080x59.94p PAL-BG 
1280x720x50p 1920x1080x60i 1920x1080x60p PAL-N 
1280x720x59.94p 1920x1080x24p  NTSC-COMPONENT PAL-NC 
1280x720x60p 1920x1080x25p  PAL-COMPONENT PAL-M 
1280x1024x60p  1920x1080x29.97p  NTSC-M   

Methods for Automated Configuration

  • DHCP Option 43 (added in 7.1)
  • DNS Configuration for a Known URL (added in 7.1)


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